IFI Horrorthon 2023

This year’s IFI Horrorthon once again celebrates the most deliciously dark treats to have surfaced in the genre over the last twelve months. This year’s offering includes a number of in-depth documentaries that will thrill fans, as well as rare screenings of classics including Bigas Luna’s Anguish on 35mm and, on its fortieth anniversary, Psycho II, as well as this year’s Secret Film, a fan favourite never before screened in Horrorthon. Irish horror is well represented with Ian Hunt-Duffy’s Double Blind, while the rest of the programme features everything from alligators to zombies. We look forward to welcoming you to this year’s festival.



We Are Zombies (18.30)

The Haunting (20.30)

Suitable Flesh (23.00)

They Wait in the Dark (23.10)

River (23.20)



Enter the Clones of Bruce (13.20)

Psycho II (15.20)

Monolith (17.40)

The Black Mass (19.40)

What You Wish For (21.30)

Double Bill: The Well/ Transmission (23.30)

Double Bill: Return of the Living Dead III/ Wishmaster (23.40)

Double Bill: The Ghost Writer/ The Witch Game (23.50)


Masters of the Grind (12.30)

Alligator (16.40)

Mother Superior (18.30)

Double Blind (20.20) + Q&A

Here for Blood (22.50)

How to Kill Monsters (22.50)

Cora (23.00)


Mancunian Man: The Legendary Life of Cliff Twemlow (12.30)

Secret Film (15.00)

Black Mold (17.00)

Eight Eyes (19.00)

The Deep Dark (21.35)

Mute Witness (23.35)

Beaten to Death (23.40)

Society (23.40)


The Darkside of Society (13.00)

Anguish (14.50)

The Seeding (16.45)

The Sacrifice Game (18.45)

The Moor (20.40)

Tickets: www.ifi.ie/horrorthon/

Multi-film bundles available from the IFI Box Office or over the phone on 01 679 5744: 5 films for €60; 10 films for €100. 5-Day Early Bird pass (before Monday, October 9th): €140. Regular 5-Day pass: €170.

Horrorthon Short Film Showcase

Afterlife (Ireland)
Dir: Daniel Butler

La Ceremonia (Spain)
Dir: Isaac Berrocal
Mantra (France)
Dir: Pascal Bourelier and Stef Meyer
Dispensary of Death (Ireland)
Dir: Simon O’Neill
Under the Ice (Spain)
Dir: Alvaro Rodriguez Areny
Paralellos (Spain)
Dir:Sam Orti
The Microscope (UK)
Dir: Elliot Vick and Reuben Vick

Ringworms (USA)
Dir: Will Lee

Horrorthon 2022

Horrorthon is back, October 27th – 31st!

We are delighted to welcome audiences to this year’s IFI Horrorthon and a weekend celebrating all that is best in horror. It is a particular pleasure after recent years to be able to do so together, as horror is most definitely best enjoyed as a communal experience, in a cinema full of fellow fans. This year’s selection includes films from locations as far-flung as Thailand and Mexico, as well as the opening film of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and new 4K restorations of some of the best films by the legendary Dario Argento. We very much look forward to sharing this year’s films with you.

Barbarian (18.30)
Dario Argento’s Suspiria (20.45)
Super Z (22.45)
Dario Argento’s Opera (13.10)
The Last Client (15.15)
Deer Camp ’86 (17.10)
Huesera (19.00)
H4Z4RD (21.00)
Double Bill: Dog Soldiers + Silver Bullet (22.50)
Double Bill: Dario Argento’s Inferno + The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (22.50)
Double Bill: The Ones You Didn’t Burn + The Quantum Devil (23.15)
Cat People (12.50)
Cult of VHS (15.10)
Satanic Hispanics (17.00)
Candy Land (19.10)
Double Bill: Oldtimers + Pussycake (21.00)
Cult Hero (23.00)
Dario Argento’s Tenebrae (23.00)
Eating Miss Campbell (23.15)
Dark Nature (13.00)
The Outwaters (14.45)
Final Cut (16.45)
The Leech (19.00)
The Lake (20.50)
Something in the Dirt (22.50)
Innocent Blood (23.00)
Daddy’s Girl (23.10)
Short Film Showcase (13.00)
King on Screen (15.00)
Mad Heidi (17.00)
Everybody Dies by the End (19.00)
Do Not Disturb (20.50)
Multi-film bundles available from the IFI Box Office or over the phone on 01 679 5744: 5 films for €50; 10 films for €90. 5-Day Early Bird pass (before Monday, October 10th): €120. Regular 5-Day pass: €150.


Horrorthon 2021

It’s here! We could not be happier to welcome you back to our Eustace Street home for 2021’s IFI Horrorthon, which will take place both in-cinema and online on IFI@Home.

Friday, October 22nd
Cyst – 13.00 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Midnight – 14.35 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It – 16.50 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
When the Screaming Starts – 18.45 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
The Deep House – 20.45 (IFI)
Forgiveness – 22.40 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
The Long Dark Trail – 22.50 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Red Snow – 23.00 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Saturday, October 23rd
Woodlands Dark & Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror – 12.00 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes – 15.45 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes – 17.20 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Ditched – 19.00 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Antlers – 20.50 (IFI)
Isolation – 22.50 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Love Hurts – 23.00 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Night at the Eagle Inn  – 23.10 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Sunday, October 24th
Post Mortem – 13.00 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Alien on Stage – 15.15 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
The Retaliators – 17.05 (IFI)
Crabs! – 19.10 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Broadcast Signal Intrusion – 20.50 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
Monday, October 25th
Vampus Horror Tales – 13.00 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Buzz Cut – 15.05 (IFI), 12.00 (IFI@Home)
Bring Out the Fear – 17.10 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
We Need to Do Something – 19.00 (IFI), 18.00 (IFI@Home)
The Sadness – 21.00 (IFI)


In-cinema tickets: www.ifi.ie/horrorthon/

5-film pass, 10-film pass, and four-day festival pass available

IFI@Home rentals: https://www.ifihome.ie/page/horrorthon-2021/

Online festival pass available, plus 5-film bundles or 10-film bundles of your own curation

In line with government guidelines, the IFI currently hopes to move to 100% cinema capacity from October 22nd, in which case allocated seating will no longer be in place in screen.


The Irish Film Institute (IFI) and IFI Horrorthon are excited to announce a special Valentine’s Day horror festival with a new selection of films!

My Bloody Horrorthon Presents: Bleeding Hearts, available to stream on IFI@Home from Friday, February 12th, as alternative Valentine’s Weekend viewing. Titles are now available to pre-order for €6.99, or €24.99 for a full bundle, from https://www.ifihome.ie/page/bleeding-hearts/

The Slaughterhouse Killer (2020), dir. Sam Curtain
Like Dogs (2020), dir. Randy Van Dyke
Live or Let Die (2020), dir. Manuel Urbaneck
The Stylist (2020), dir. Jill Gevargizian


Visceral Australian slasher The Slaughterhouse Killer tells the story of Box (Craig Ingham), whose passion for slaughter is hard to curb at his job in the local abattoir. When young parolee Nathan (James Mason) joins him at the slaughterhouse, the two urge each other on to brutal consequences.

The premiere screening of Stanford Prison Experiment-inspired Like Dogs sees a behavioural experiment treating humans like animals go wrong, with dire consequences for two recent college grads.

Through an outbreak of a virus, the human race has come near to extinction in this German zombie film Live or Let Die, starring writer-director Manuel Urbank, in his debut feature.
The terrific new American horror The Stylist features a hair stylist who becomes a little too invested in the lives of her clients, made by director-producer, and hair stylist, Jill Gevargizian.

IFI Horrorthon 2020

HORRORTHON 2020 NOW ON SALE! This year, it’s coming from inside the house… www.ifihome.ie/page/horrorthon2020/
Thursday, October 22nd
18.30 Uncle Peckerhead
21.00 Red Screening
Friday, October 23rd
13.00 Breeder
15.45 I Am Toxic
18.00 Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales
20.40 Caveat
Saturday, October 24th
13.00 Violence Voyager
14.00 The El Duce Tapes
15.20 Butchers
18.00 An Evening With Joe Dante
19.00 The Deep Ones
20.30 Death Ranch
Sunday, October 25th
13.00 Anonymous Animals
14.00 Purgatory Road
15.00 Ropes
17.30 The Special
19.00 Clapboard Jungle: Surviving the Independent Film Business
20.00 Ten Minutes to Midnight
Monday, October 26th
13.00 Short Film Showcase
14.00 The Quarry
15.40 The Oak Room
18.00 The Curse of Valburga
19.00 The Brain That Wouldn’t Die


This might be of interest to some Horrorthoners. Say the word Bela at the door to get the special concession rate of €8!

The Wild Duck on Thursday, February 13th at 8.00pm

An Alternative Evening of Light Entertainment on Valentines Eve


with Restive Nation and Witchkicker

Dublin based Lugosi formed in 2016 consisting of JM Burr and Jimmy Rooney (of the band the Reverend JM’s panic worship), film maker and former Hungry Souls guitarist Alan Morton, and Neal Wright, formerly of Belfast’s Memento Mori. Lugosi are a Dublin based alternative rock band, fusing the styles of punk and stoner music with an engaging performance style and lyrics permeated by a singular humour.

With influences ranging from Misfits, Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu and Clutch, coupled with a love of the macabre, Lugosi’s original songs range in subject matter from alien vampires, American Indian legends, horror and witchcraft. A sonic Ed Wood movie, delivered through the medium of rock ‘n’ roll.

Restive Nation are a three-piece electronic rock band from Dublin. Their unique blend of organic and synthetic sounds makes for an extremely textured listening experience. Their style reaches from many influences of industrial, trip hop and electronic genres. Although many of their current works are instrumental, various singers join the line-up for certain songs.

Chris is in charge of synths and production. His background in electronic dance music and sound design helps provide the band with some intense and atmospheric noises. Timmy is on bass. Having been around on the Irish music scene as a past member of diverse bands such as Lotus Eater and Rhiannon and the Face Collectors, he brings the various styles he has cultivated from such groups to add some unique low end to the Restive Nation sound. Kevin on drums, has played with several bands on the Irish scene including Lace Weeper, Franko Franko and 21 Outs with a keen interest in several styles such as indie, electro, prog rock, jazz and ambient.

Witchkicker are an all-female metal quartet based in Dublin. Inspired by the likes of Deftones, Rush, Gojira and Kings X… and ABBA.


Thursday, February 13th     Doors 4.00pm     €10.00 (Conc. €8.00)

The Wild Duck, 17/20 Sycamore St, Dublin 2

Phone: (01) 5356849 Email: hello@thewildduck.ie www.thewildduck.ie

For further information contact Barry Hartigan on (086) 0267832 or at barryhartigan@gmail.com

Horrorthon 2019

IFI Horrorthon returns from October 24th to 28th 2019 with five days of frights and fun. Full festival pass and multi-film passes available at IFI Box Office.

The 2019 IFI Horrorthon brochure can be viewed HERE.