The Irish Film Institute (IFI) and IFI Horrorthon are excited to announce a special Valentine’s Day horror festival with a new selection of films!

My Bloody Horrorthon Presents: Bleeding Hearts, available to stream on IFI@Home from Friday, February 12th, as alternative Valentine’s Weekend viewing. Titles are now available to pre-order for €6.99, or €24.99 for a full bundle, from

The Slaughterhouse Killer (2020), dir. Sam Curtain
Like Dogs (2020), dir. Randy Van Dyke
Live or Let Die (2020), dir. Manuel Urbaneck
The Stylist (2020), dir. Jill Gevargizian


Visceral Australian slasher The Slaughterhouse Killer tells the story of Box (Craig Ingham), whose passion for slaughter is hard to curb at his job in the local abattoir. When young parolee Nathan (James Mason) joins him at the slaughterhouse, the two urge each other on to brutal consequences.

The premiere screening of Stanford Prison Experiment-inspired Like Dogs sees a behavioural experiment treating humans like animals go wrong, with dire consequences for two recent college grads.

Through an outbreak of a virus, the human race has come near to extinction in this German zombie film Live or Let Die, starring writer-director Manuel Urbank, in his debut feature.
The terrific new American horror The Stylist features a hair stylist who becomes a little too invested in the lives of her clients, made by director-producer, and hair stylist, Jill Gevargizian.

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