IFI Horrorthon 2020

HORRORTHON 2020 NOW ON SALE! This year, it’s coming from inside the house… www.ifihome.ie/page/horrorthon2020/
Thursday, October 22nd
18.30 Uncle Peckerhead
21.00 Red Screening
Friday, October 23rd
13.00 Breeder
15.45 I Am Toxic
18.00 Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales
20.40 Caveat
Saturday, October 24th
13.00 Violence Voyager
14.00 The El Duce Tapes
15.20 Butchers
18.00 An Evening With Joe Dante
19.00 The Deep Ones
20.30 Death Ranch
Sunday, October 25th
13.00 Anonymous Animals
14.00 Purgatory Road
15.00 Ropes
17.30 The Special
19.00 Clapboard Jungle: Surviving the Independent Film Business
20.00 Ten Minutes to Midnight
Monday, October 26th
13.00 Short Film Showcase
14.00 The Quarry
15.40 The Oak Room
18.00 The Curse of Valburga
19.00 The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

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