IFI Horrorthon 2016 Teaser

IFI HORRORTHON 2016 (OCTOBER 27th -31st)

ouija_two2016 has proven to be a strong year for horror, from Robert Eggers’ The Witch to Fede Alvarez’s superior Don’t Breathe, a healthy state of affairs that is reflected in this year’s IFI Horrorthon. In fact, this year a decision was made to provide audiences with the opportunity to see as many new films as possible, representing the very best of contemporary horror; as a result, the line-up includes some 30 Irish premieres, a festival record.

In addition to the regular programme, and to whet the appetite for this year’s festival, there will also be a special preview of Ouija: Origin Of Evil on October 18th at 20.30, courtesy of Universal Pictures. Tickets for this preview screening are not included as part of festival passes,and must be purchased separately. Normal IFI ticket prices apply.

The full programme will be announced in early October, but as the finishing touches are applied, we’re pleased to give you a flavour of what lies in store over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The programme includes Irish premiere screenings of the critically acclaimed Train to Busan, Pet, and Raw. Plus, Horrorthoners and Rob Zombie fans can rejoice, and have a choice of the opportunity to attend an exclusive once-off Irish cinema screening of 31 or alternatively, to check out other late night festival treats. We are also delighted to include a 30th anniversary double bill of two cult classics from 1986, David Cronenberg’s The Fly and Stephen Herek’s Critters, and new Irish horror features including Jason Figgis’ Don’t You Recognise Me?, Zoe Kavanagh’s Demon Hunter, and Mark Sheridan’s Crone Wood.

Scheduled Screenings :

Ouija 2: Origin of Evil: Tuesday October 18th @ 20.30
Train to Busan: Thursday October 27th @ 19.00
Don’t You Recognise Me?: Thursday October 27th @ 23.10
31: Thursday October 27th @ 23.10
Raw: Friday October 28th @ 18.30
The Fly / Critters: Friday October 28th @ 22.30
Demon Hunter: Saturday October 29th @ 23.30
Pet: Sunday October 30th @ 21.10
Crone Wood: Sunday October 30th @ 23.20